How to Use GI Social for Scheduling Social Media Posts

GI Social is a social media management platform. Within GI Social you can view and manage multiple social media networks and profiles all on a single page and schedule future posts. Another remarkable feature in GI Social is you can select multiple profiles in which to post to and link your social media profiles together. This acts as a huge time saver.

Why you should schedule posts

Posting regularly on social media sites helps to keep your brand alive and reach to your customers. Building this interaction and fan base does take time and effort to maintain. Scheduling your social media updates in advance can save you time and effort. Scheduling in advance helps to reach audiences in multiple time zones. By being consistent with new updates, it ensures maximum engagement with your audience.

How to schedule posts on GI Social

Once you have set up a GI Social Account and added all your social media channels, then scheduling your posts is easy with these simple steps to follow. You can manually schedule messages to publish on a specific date and time.

Compose Window

  1. Click on the compose icon in the left-hand side of the Menu bar. A pop up image of compose box will appear as seen in the image above.
  2. On top of the compose box page, you will see the various social media icons. Select as many as you wish. You can also add multiple profiles by clicking on the plus icon on the selected asset.
  3. In the compose message box of the selected asset, enter your post. In case you have an image to add, select the upload icon off to the left of the compose box of the selected asset and upload it from your computer.
  4. Then you are ready for scheduling. Select the calendar icon to the right of the compose message box of the selected asset. Here you can enter the specific date and time.
  5. Once you have selected, click the Post Now button.


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