Facebook Pages: New Updates for Mobile Devices

Facebook declared few updates to Pages that are designed to help business owners to connect faster & better engagement with their audience on Mobile devices.

Prominent Call to Action Buttons

Call-To-Action buttons bring a business most important goal to the forefront of its Page. For that, Facebook gave a new look & prominent placement to “Call-To-Action” buttons on mobile, which is bigger, brighter and directly under the Page cover photo. Also, Facebook tested several new Call-To-Action buttons for people & businesses to connect directly.

Enhanced Page Layout

Facebook wants to make it easier for people to navigate through Pages on Mobile. So they’re updating the Page layouts, without lots of scrolling and clicking. Also, the new layout is focusing around tab navigation, so it is easy to navigate between various sections. The new changes to the Page will help Page owner to organize the information better for their customers. This new layout is planning to release in the upcoming weeks.

Update Your Page for Mobile

All businesses need to keep up with their customer expectation, so that they can find information easily and connect with your business any-time, anywhere on any device. The new customization option allows adding new sections in Page, which provides a newer way for businesses to promote themselves on Facebook.

You may see the above listed updates will be rolling out in the upcoming weeks for Facebook Pages.

How To Be Successful in Mobile Advertising

Over the last few years, mobile has driven an extraordinary connectivity at our fingertips. Mobile phone is increasingly used throughout the day, and mobile marketing, has developed a complete marketing channel to reach mobile consumers.

Key Mobile Trends 

  • As majority of the population is connected to mobile and mobile phone offers significant reach and opportunities for advertisers. So, mobile penetration is growing as huge as earlier.
  • A larger proportion of digital consumption is on Mobile phone. Mobile phone allows more ways to connect with your consumer.
  • Mobile phone is taking attention away from Television. It helps the advertiser to connect with their audience easily.
  • Mobile phone has become a significant sales channel among customers. Now-a-days people are converting to Mobile phones and expecting more will be joining in the future.
  • Mobile advertising is now becoming more accessible. As ad market places and new players have entered the Mobile space, these challenges are being addressed, providing new opportunities for marketers.

Various Ways of Mobile Advertising 

The most common types of Mobile ads are:

  • Mobile banners – which appear at the top or bottom of a web page,
  • Mobile search ads – which appear in search results.
  • Interstitial Ad – Interstitial ads are full screen ads that cover the interface of their host application.

Banner ads can be more effective when targeting customers by their browsing histories.

Mobile ads

Tips for Successful Mobile Campaign 

Few tips to ripe the success of Mobile campaign

  • Integrate Mobile into your overall Ad campaign strategy
  • Develop creative and messaging that enhances the experience of Mobile users
  • Optimize your website for Mobile (Responsive website)
  • Define and target the right audience
  • Set a definite metrics and goals for Mobile Advertisements