GI Social – Social Media Management Tool for Business

Sharing content regularly on social media is critical for businesses in staying top of mind of their customers. Yet many struggle to find the time to do daily social media posts. While sharing timely posts is important, pre-scheduling social media posts using social media management tools help you save time.

Planning your posts also helps you to align your posts with upcoming promotions and topics on your marketing calendar. Planning and scheduling your posts ahead of time can give you peace of mind from the worry of “what should you post about today.

Save time on social media with GI Social. It is a free tool that helps you publish, manage, and track your social media posts. Not only does it allow you to manage what others are saying about your brand and enables you to interact with your social media accounts, but it also allows you to schedule posts on multiple social media channels.

How you benefit using GI Social 

  • It is an excellent tool for managing your social media, E-Mail management, E-Mail marketing, customer management, competitor intelligence, online reputation management and has all the capabilities most important to your organization.
  • From a design perspective, GI Social is much easier to look at and use.
  • You get the ability to post content to your social media profiles or pages at one go, without having to individually schedule them.
  • GI Social enables you to create your own images (using its design tool or Canva) which have the perfect size and format for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and mailers.
  • It allows creating visually stunning and accurate reports in a minute or less, plus the ability to create custom reports with your logo and the modules you need.
  • What GI Social is known for, is its “social CRM.” For every customer of your brand, it creates a record that stores interaction history as well as basic contact information. This information can be immensely helpful for salespeople, another way to build marketing and sales alignment.
  • User permissions and team workflows are easy to set up. You find increased collaboration within your team as GI Social allows you to delegate the various social media tasks to your team members and maintain a smooth workflow.
  • If you’re having trouble deciding, re-examine your requirements. Then you can schedule a call with one of our experts and get a free consultation and personalized product recommendation.


GI Social – Must-Have Social Media Management Software

GI Social is a powerful tool with a good functionality. It is the tools of this platform that make it so special. From engagement to analytics, from monitoring to collaboration, GI Social has every feature you require for a social media management tool. GI Social allows its customers to promote their brand through social media channels, generate quality leads, and increase social traffic to their websites, all within one platform.

Core Features  

  • GI Social allows you to share posts on various social media websites. An extremely user-friendly interface, powerful integrations, and highly capable features make it an excellent tool for small businesses and individuals’ alike. GI Social offers a suite of capable features aimed primarily at Multi-Brand management.
  • One of the big features that separate GI Social from the rest is the ability to integrate multiple social networks into one single platform.
  • Some top features of this platform are its ability to post to and connect with social networks at once, schedule updates, and engage with your followers. It supports publishing to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • You can also use GI Social for your email marketing campaigns by using one of their preset email templates or design your own. Then, you can personalize and schedule emails to best fit your needs.
  • GI Social not only helps you draft, schedule and post messages in the social realm, but it also allows you to assign and manage tasks among team members and track and measure your social performance. 
  • It provides Real-time collaboration for better community management and higher engagement. You can create teams, assign tasks and set permissions across teams.
  • It is a good Listening platform – Track what people are saying about your brand, product or competitor.
  • It provides good overview analytics of social media and the web through integration with Google Analytics – In-depth analysis with customized and exportable reports.


  • GI Social`s pricing model includes a free plan for individual users and small businesses, at Rs.5 /day as well as several paid plans. It also has custom pricing on an unlimited access plan for enterprise companies unlocking more functionality.
  • In any case, you first sign up for the free account and select your features suited for your business requirements.
  • It is ideal for a business of any size (small, medium and large).
  • Whether you are using it for the first time or are an experienced user, you get 24×7 customer support, which makes it a must-have tool.


GI Social – Features

GI Social enables users to compose, share content, monitor their brand, engage with customers and reach their audience through social media and E-Mail. It lets users manage all social media in one place. Users can schedule and publish a post from anywhere in GI Social. It enables organizations to monitor and engage in conversations across the social web. With its incredibly powerful monitoring and analytics tool, it allows users to track and monitor the success of social media marketing efforts and ROI.

Create – Social Content Management Features

GI Social`s Integrated Inbox makes it easy for users to quickly and efficiently create social media content.

  • Bulk post upload
  • Enterprise content sharing
  • Message drafting

Publish – Publishing Features

Publishing features allow users extensive control over how and when their social media content is released.

  • Scheduling
  • Multi-channel publishing
  • Publishing curation
  • RSS Feed Publishing
  • Content targeting

Listen – Social Listening Features

Social listening involves scanning social networks` public posts for keywords or themes relevant to the user. Below are the metrics of this platform`s social listening measures.

  • Audience Reach
  • Custom Search Streams
  • Sentiment Analysis

Listening Sources

  • Blogs
  • Discussion Boards
  • Facebook
  • Online News Sites
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • YouTube

Analyze – Social Analytics Features

Social Analytics allows users to compile large amounts of relevant social listening data and draw meaningful insights.

  • E-Mail Campaign Analytics
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Conversion Reports
  • Customizable Reports
  • Exportable Raw Data
  • Exportable Reports
  • Internal Performance Analysis
  • Multi-Channel Analysis

Manage – Management and Governance Features

Management and governance features allow users to set access to publishing and establish workflow procedures to ensure quality control and employee compliance.

  • Audit Logs
  • Collaboration Platform
  • Compliance Tools
  • Global Content Schedule
  • Hierarchical Permission Structure
  • Task Management

Integrate Integration Capabilities

Below are some integrations offered by GI Social

  • CRM
  • E-Mail Marketing Services
  • Web Analytics


Getting Started with GI Social – Publish

GI Social is a scheduling tool allowing you to create, schedule and publish your social media content with ease. GI Social gives you the ability to schedule posts to multiple networks according to your posting schedule. It’s Analytics and Reports allows you to track engagements and interactions on the posts you have shared. It helps you see how your content is performing with your audience.

Connecting your social accounts – The first step involves connecting your social accounts with GI Social. GI Social is currently integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google+.

Creating your post – Having a social media strategy can be a crucial asset in achieving your social media goals. You can create the content that you are going to share on the social media using GI Social`s compose window. It brings together advanced social media publishing tools and intuitive workflows so you can effectively plan, design, schedule and publish posts across networks from a single platform.

GI Social`s unique feature is the integration of its own design tool and also Canva to design attractive and unique posts.

Scheduling your posts – Each of your connected social accounts will have its own posting schedule. Select the date and time on the calendar you would like to publish. Schedule your post for the appropriate date and time based on the nature of your post and when your audience will see the content.

Analyzing your performance – GI Social enables you to quickly identify messages that are resonating with your audience and track performance of your social posts.

GI Social – Right Social Media Management Tool for your Business

What is GI Social

GI Social is an intuitive, streamlined social media platform built for businesses, agencies and individuals to help drive meaningful engagement and results on social media. It has a suite of products that can help brands harness the power of social media through effective publishing, engagement, analytics, listening, reporting and team collaboration tools. It enables brands to simplify social management, collaborate across teams and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Overview of GI Social`s Benefits

GI Social which includes a free tier and starts as low as Rs 5 per day for a standard plan is a powerful, highly effective social media management and analytics tool. It is a great platform for businesses of any size. It enables brands to explore the full potential of digital marketing by managing multiple customer touch points on one seamless platform. Marketers can plan, execute, evaluate in one place while mapping all other customer interaction data and effectively progress in social communication.

It is designed to help you navigate easily and find the information you need fast. The platform is packed with a host of intelligent features to let brands easily build a social presence, engage with people and build lasting relationships. It gives a lot for the price when compared to other social media management tools. GI Social`s value and features are best in class for the price point. You have all the features of HootSuite, Zoho, Buffer, Sprout Social, MailChimp at less than half of the price.

What GI Social can do for you?

  • It is an excellent platform to manage multiple social media platforms all in one place. It is the right management tool if you are looking for engagement, publishing, workflow features, analytics, reports and sending mailers all in one place.
  • The core strengths of this tool are its well –organized integrated Inbox in a multi-columned design which makes it easy to monitor, measure, and respond to social media channels on one screen. It allows users to see all their customer messages and posts from social media, website, and email. Real-Time Notifications are enabled for all social media assets. You also have Sent/Outbox/Drafts/Competitor`s Inbox included here, making it highly efficient.
  • You have fully integrated workflow management for all teams across your organization to manage sales leads/support issues/technical problems. With its intelligent –ticketing system where any post or email message can be converted into a ticket. Its team management facility is excellent where it allows users assign tasks with other team members for collaboration efforts aiding in increased communication and awareness.
  • GI Social’s Website Live Chat feature allows to stay connected with your customers and interact with your visitors to strengthen your brand presence.
  • Another noteworthy feature is the GI Social Analytics tool which gives insights you need to improve your business. The tool can be used to improve sales, find more visitors, track your engagement, impressions, top posts, audience demographics, and how many link clicks you received. It provides Real-Time Analytics with competitive and systematic insights to aid in taking your strategic decisions quicker.
  • A highly effective feature of this tool is its creation of Custom Reports using insights from social media, emails, tickets, mailers or your competitors. It can amazingly build Advanced Reports in seconds by choosing from over 300+ metrics.
  • The finest feature is the separate dashboard for studying Competitive Intelligence. Here, you can track all your competitor posts and their customers. Analyze your competitor`s strengths and weaknesses from one place and optimize your strategies accordingly.
  • Another advanced aspect of this platform is that it allows you to gain insight into what your audience is talking about your brand. Track social activity across multiple channels and profiles, find potential followers and discover your brand with its social media monitoring tools.
  • You have another great feature in this platform for Advanced Sentiment Analysis which helps analyze and give inputs based on the positivity of each and every message.
  • With its publishing tool, you can design, schedule and post messages to multiple social platforms at one single go at any time and anywhere.
  • One of the greatest benefits of using GI Social is having an E-Mail service provider handling your email marketing basics. It has all the tools you need to create emails and newsletters and send them out. You can also get your email marketing performance metrics when you need them.
  • You can use this tool to generate new leads with its creative marketing campaigns feature using offer campaigns, mailers, and contests.
  • A new feature integrated into this platform is a good, easy-to-use design tool to design your social media posts or mailers or any other and publish them in a seamless manner. You can also use Canva to design any of your work.