Twitter Moving to HTTPS Only for New Links

Twitter Https

Twitter is now moving to HTTPS only for new links from October 1, 2015 onwards. The HTTPS scheme helps Twitter securely transfer readers to the intended landing page.

One of the team members from the Twitter development team published a thread on the Twitter Community forum stating that the new company’s plan for HTTPS on new outbound links. So from October 1, 2015 onwards, if you share a link on Twitter, it will cloak in This HTTPS scheme allows Twitter to securely transfer readers to the intended landing page, even if the landing page is not an HTTPS link.

Going forward, this HTTPS change will increase the length of cloaked URLs by a single character. Another issue with this change is tracking referral traffic to non-HTTPS sites. Twitter explains that non-HTTPS sites may notice an apparent decrease in referral numbers from Twitter. Based on Twitter estimates, you may see a 10% drop in traffic attribution as a result of this HTTPS change. Also, the percentage will decrease over time as users update their browsers to the latest versions supporting to the referrer policy.

Twitter Introducing the Twelfie Stick

Today Twitter has pre-announced about their entrant in new hardware business with the Twelfie Stick, a highly sophisticated and first of its kind device. The Stick makes it easier for people to not only get the very best angle on their selfies but also Tweet them out directly from the Stick itself.

Twelfie Stick is a thin and adjustable pole that extends from 10 inches to three feet, the Twelfie Stick was created with a combination of fiber/cyanate-ester resin, with a solar charging bicarbonate for renewable battery life. A remote shutter button on the bottom of the pole lets you take and Tweet your selfie (photos and videos) with just a simple click. And you’ll know for sure when your selfie is Tweeted, as the #Twelfie button makes a chirping sound as Tweets go live.

Twelfie Stick

Twelfie Stick

The Twelfie Stick’s spring-loaded cradle is adjustable and easily compatible with all smartphones and cameras. The product will be available for purchase globally during the holiday shopping season for $39.99.

We look forward to creativity eruptions with the Twelfie Stick and future Twelfie Stick branded accessories, which we anticipate announcing at some point in the future.

Source: Twitter