Social Customer Relationship Management - GI Social
GI Social CRM is a perfect tool to help deal with the vital task of managing your organizations customers, contacts, partners, vendors and suppliers. Using our customer management tool, you can receive, view & respond to all incoming customer messages in real-time at one place. Our systems are designed to compile and streamline information on each customer across different channels like facebook, Twitter, E-mail history & Call Logs
Additional Features of Customer Management
Advantages of using GI Social's Customer Management
  • Easily manage contact information of your customers,vendors etc.,all in one place
  • You can create,view,merge,update and delete customer details from the customer list.
  • Receive and respond to incoming customer messages in real-time
  • By managing all details in one place you will improve your work efficiency
  • Save & keep track of all customer communication and details with gisocial
  • Add an internal note,complaints or call log to any customer and share with your colleagues for reference
  • Auto-Assigning of Customer requests as tickets to brand users